New Addition - Flat Bed Tow Truck December 2020


In our 15 years of business, Premio Towing Company is proud to have helped thousands of drivers in need throughout the in the Dallas area.

While it’s hard work, we love the people of central Texas and we happen to love the work that we do – after all – we get to help people everyday.

We strive to provide towing service in an expedient, professional manner, in case you happen to hit a bump in the road. Our aim is to assist you to get on your way again safely and with the least amount of hassle.

Battery died with no warning? Had an engine malfunction in the middle of the road? Blocked by a double parked with no driver in sight? These frustrations and potential safety hazards can be handled within minutes once you call us.

You will be connected instantly to a courteous dispatcher, who will be your main contact until a tow operator arrives. They will collect all critical information about your location, source of trouble, and field any questions you may have.