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Before Your Car Gets Towed, Here Are Things You Should Do

A car accident, or an unexpected breakdown can leave a driver bewildered, confused, and unable to decide on a course of action.  Depend on where the incident takes place, the next steps you take can have a serious impact of yourself or you fellow passengers.

Here’s some recommendations we have compiled over the years that you may consider using to ensure your safety after an unexpected roadside incident.

Remain Calm And Assess

Whenever you have car trouble, whether an unexpected breakdown or an accident, the first thing that will come to mind is to ask for help. However, before you call a towing or roadside assistance company for help, you should first check and assess your vehicle. It is possible that you only have a flat tire and that is something most drivers can remedy.

Instead of calling for a towing service, it would be best to calm down and check your car first instead. In that way, you can also figure out if you really need a towing service or just roadside assistance. Checking your car first also helps you better relay the information that the roadside assistance and towing company needs.

There are different companies that offer roadside assistance and towing services. However, you should take note that there are some companies that don’t offer towing services after a collision. Make sure that the towing company you call can really provide the services that you need.

Call Your Insurance Provider

If you have car insurance, then you should also call them up no matter what time it is. The insurance providers can instruct you about what to do so that you can file your claims. They can also advise you about towing rates and they may even recommend a trustworthy towing company that operates in your location. Sometimes, they may also have a specific preferred towing company that they trust.

Prepare Your Vehicle

After calling your insurance provider and the towing company of your choice, you may now proceed to preparing your vehicle for the tow. You can take photos of the damages and of the scene. These can help you make sure that every issue on the car is repaired in the shop. The pictures also act as documentation for the paperwork that your insurance provider would ask of you.

You should also make sure to keep your valuables and personal items with you. Take them out of the car before handing over your vehicle to the tow truck drivers.

Verify The Towing Representative

Before you hand over your vehicle to anyone, make sure you are working with the towing company you called. Verify their identity first. This helps prevent you from handing over your vehicle to someone who is not trustworthy.

Double Check Paperworks Before Signing Them

An itemized invoice will be given by the tow truck driver to the clients. This will show how much is going to be charged when they tow your vehicle. You should make sure that there is a list and not a blank contract.

Check to see that you are signing a contract that states that you are agreeing to tow your vehicle. Also, be careful to check and see if it states that your car would be repaired in a specific auto shop. If you like the auto shop indicated, then you can sign it but if not, then don’t sign it, or else your car will get stuck in that auto shop.

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