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Transporting You Motorcycle Yourself? Here’s Some Tips…

A motorcycle is typically not as heavy as a car but that doesn’t mean you should not be concerned about how it is towed. Whether you simply want to tow it to bring it with you on a trip, move it to your new home, or if you met an accident, towing doesn’t have to cause more damage to your motorcycle.

Ways To Tow A Motorcycle

There are different ways on how you can tow your motorcycle. First is by using a towing trailer. This provides a secure way of towing a motorcycle because the trailer is really built for the motorcycle. Another way is to use a motorcycle carrier. Additionally, a tow dolly can also be used. With this, you simply hook the front tire and drag the motorcycle while it is in neutral.

Now that you know that there are plenty of ways on how to tow a motorcycle, you can’t just tow it. There are still more things to learn and understand or else you simply end up damaging your motorcycle.

The Right Equipment For Motorcycle Towing

The first thing that you should learn before you even begin to attempt to tow your vehicle is the right equipment to use for the job. One of the most important to consider is if you have the right vehicle to tow the motorcycle.

It is not enough that you have a car that you can use. You have to make sure that it is capable and set up for the towing task. It should be able to handle the weight not only of your motorcycle but also the trailer or other equipment you’ll be using to tow the bike. Make sure to also check your tires if they are still good.

The next thing you should check is the trailer you are going to use. Make sure that it is really designed to transport motorcycles securely. Choose trailers that are specifically made for the task especially if you are planning to tow your motorcycle frequently.

If towing your motorcycle isn’t going to be done frequently, then it would be better to simply hire a towing company to do it for you. In that way, you’ll be sure that it is properly towed with minimal damage. Most towing companies have a flatbed tow truck that will surely fit the motorcycle. Also, towing companies already have experience in handling vehicles with a motorcycle loaded. They can easily estimate angles to use while turning or backing up with a trailer.

Towing Basics

Towing your motorcycle can seem like an easy task to do. Sure you might have sourced a vehicle and a trailer to use. You may even have loaded your motorcycle properly but remember that getting your motorcycle loaded into the trailer isn’t the end of the towing task. It is just the beginning and you need to be able to maneuver your vehicle and the trailer safely throughout the trip.

Before you start towing, you also need to know and consider the following:

  • Tongue Weight – This is a very important thing to consider when towing your motorcycle. This refers to the pressure on your vehicle given by the hitch. The more the trailer is loaded with a heavier weight, especially if the weight is found on the front side of the trailer, the greater the pressure is.
  • Payload – Another thing to consider is the payload. This term refers to the actual weight of those who are in the vehicle. If there are additional cargo that’s directly inside the vehicle, then the payload is greater. If you are using a pickup truck and the motorcycle is loaded there, then the payload also increases. It is important to note how much weight your truck can handle.

Securing The Motorcycle

If you’ve already considered all the things above and figure out that your equipment can handle motorcycle towing, it is now time to secure your motorcycle. Securing the motorcycle is a very important step in the safe towing of your bike.

Firstly, make sure the trailer is well secured, you won’t want your trailer to get loose while on the road. Secondly, you have to make sure the motorcycle is properly secured in the trailer. To do this, you need various motorcycle tie-downs that will pull the bike down and forward.

Tie-down straps can either be a cam buckle or a ratchet. Both will help secure the motorcycle and reduce shock loading by putting tension on the suspension.

Shock loading happens when the motorcycle’s suspension compresses because you go over a bump on the road while towing. When this happens, the straps can have slack temporarily then becomes taut again with the rebound. This can lead to loosening or breaking of the straps. This is why it is important to regularly re-tighten the straps throughout the towing trip.

Towing The Motorcycle

Once everything is secured, you have to do another check on your vehicle. Make sure the lights are working and make sure that the lights on the trailer are also working. Don’t rush into towing your motorcycle. Drive slowly but carefully. Allow space so you can stop and always consider your trailer when turning, speeding up, or slowing down.

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