This Path May Lead To Off Road Recovery
This Path May Lead To Off Road Recovery

Off Road Recovery Tow Truck – Got Stuck? We’ll Pull You Out Of Any Situation

Premio Towing Company isn’t your typical Dallas Texas towing company – we gladly go where the other towing services dare not go!

With tons of trail access in and around the rivers, beaches, and bogs in Texas, offroading your Jeep or Truck is a popular pastime for many of our Dallas-based customers.

While most of these 4X4 vehicles can handle just about anything, there are times when you need a professional off road recovery service to help winch you out of the mud bank.

Whether you are rock crawling, getting dirty in the mud, or 2 tracking  keep Premio Towing in your speed dial – we’ve got the experience, tools, and trucks to help assist with your 4X4 recovery.

  • Powerful winching equipment can handle the toughest jobs
  • Best reviewed towing service in Google
  • Located in downtown Dallas Texas for quickest response
  • 24 hour available all day and night
  • Licensed in Dallas for long distance towing services
  • 15 years on the job for an experienced crew of professional

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