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The 5 Most Dangerous Driving Conditions

Environmental, climatic and man-made conditions can all result in driving conditions that are less than ideal.  In our line of business a high portion of the towing service calls occur during certain times of the day or during dangerous weather conditions.

Understanding the 5 most dangerous times to be on the road can help you avoid a car accident, personal injury or even a fatality.

1. Peak Traffic Hours

Peak traffic hours between the hours of 3pm and 6pm on weekdays are statistically the time when most car accidents occur. There are a couple of reasons why this is such a dangerous time to drive. Firstly, more cars on the road means that there is a greater likelihood that something can go wrong. Secondly, rush hour normally takes place at dusk when visibility is not ideal and the glare from the sun can shine directly in a driver’s eyes.

2. Rain And Hail

Rain and hail negatively affect visibility and can make road conditions slippery. This is especially true when the first rains begin to fall in early Spring. Oil that has collected on the road can rise to the surface due to the warmth created by the change in seasons and the rain can spread grease resulting in slippery roads.

They heavier the rainfall or hail, the worse the driving conditions. It is recommended to pull over during a heavy downpour and ensure that tires are in good condition and that windshield wipers are operating optimally in the rainy season.

3. Snow

Just like rain, snow can reduce visibility and make roads slippery. It is essential to be extra cautious when driving during light and heavy snowfall. Pay careful attention to your following distance and slow down. Be extra vigilant of other drivers on the road and their behavior.

4. Ice

Icy roads are slippery roads and it is best to avoid driving in these conditions altogether. It is very easy to lose control of a vehicle due to driving on ice. Drive with extreme caution if you must travel on icy roads and pay extra attention to slopes, curves, overpasses, and tunnels where ice is most likely to accumulate.

Make sure that your brakes are functioning optimally and if possible, opt for 4 wheel drive in icy conditions.

5. Heavy Fog And Mist

Driving in misty or foggy condition is extremely dangerous as visibility can be reduced to just about zero. Put your fog lights on and reduce your speed dramatically. Be extra vigilant of drivers around you and road conditions.

It is just as easy to drive into a tree in foggy conditions as it is to have a collision with another vehicle. Avoid changing lanes or indicate your intentions long before doing so. Prepare for turns way ahead of time and carefully monitor your following distance. In heavy fog, it is advisable to pull over until it clears entirely or at least partially.

Stay Alert And Safe

It is also important to pay attention to road conditions. Potholes, sharp curves and obstacles in the road can also result in accidents.

Slow down for road works. It is even more important to pay attention to road conditions when driving in one of the above mentioned 5 most dangerous driving conditions.

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