Junk Cars At Wrecker Service Waiting To Be Scrapped
Junk Cars At Wrecker Service Waiting To Be Scrapped

Located in Dallas TX and looking to get that old junker off your lot?

Or perhaps you’ve decided to donate your car to charity.

Whatever your reasons, Premio Towing Company can quickly – and affordably – get your vehicle towed to the junkyard, scrap yard or wrecker lot of your choice.

Visit us online at or call us directly at (468) 269-5499 and one of our knowledgeable towing service professionals can schedule a pickup or answer any questions you have.

Our convenient Wrecker Service offers…

  • Finding you the absolute best price on your wrecked car or truck.
  • Affordable rates and flexible times available within the Dallas metro area
  • Network of nearby area junkyards to choose from
  • Our highly reviewed experienced team at Premio Towing can walk you through your options
  • Wrecking service for all car, truck, motorcycle or other
  • Call today, day or night. Our technicians are standing-by 24 hours