Tips On Selecting A Long Distance Towing Provider
Bangkok Thailand : October /6/2020 A car has broken down and being pulled up into the tow truck

Tips On Selecting A Long Distance Towing Provider

Most people don’t recognize the importance of already pre-selecting towing companies to work with. They may not expect that they’d need such a service. However, when the time comes, they’d be scurrying to find one that can help.

When looking for a towing company to potentially hire, it is also a good idea to see whether they also offer long-distance towing. Some companies only limit their towing services to local towing.

Although that works for most cases, there are some scenarios when you’d need a long-distance towing service. Knowing what to look for in a long-distance towing service provider can help you make sure that your car is transported safely and without delays.

Local Towing

Local towing is the service that you’d usually expect when your car breaks down on the road and is beyond repair on site. Usually, towing takes as little as a few minutes depending on where you are and where the nearest shop you want to bring your car. The cars are only transported to nearby locations plus the cost is also minimal as compared to long-distance towing.

Long Distance Towing

Long-distance towing transports the cars at longer distances. This is usually needed when you are out on a road trip and your car breaks down but you’d want it to be repaired at your local shop. With this kind of towing, you can bring your car back to your hometown where you can have your trusted mechanics to repair them.

You should also remember that not all long-distance towing service transports cars that cannot be driven. Some choose this kind of service even if their cars are in perfect working condition. Such is the case when the car is needed to be brought to another location for a car show or if the client is moving somewhere far away.

With long distance towing, you can expect that it will take a longer time for the vehicle to stay with your trusted towing company. That is why you shouldn’t just pick anyone who offers this kind of service. You should also make sure that they are reliable and they know how to properly take care of your vehicle.

What To Look For In A Long Distance Towing Service

When it comes to local towing, some people may not really be picky with who they work with as long as the cars are immediately and safely towed. The distance that needs to be covered and the time they leave the vehicles in the towing service provider’s hands is only limited.

We are not saying that you should just work with anyone when it comes to local towing. The point here is that car owners should be extra picky when selecting a long-distance towing service provider. Here are essential things to look for:

Quality Of Towing Truck

The first thing that you should look for is the quality of the tow trucks that the company uses. There are different kinds of tow trucks and they can be used for long-distance towing. However, if you want to make sure that your car doesn’t get damaged along the way, you should choose those who have specialized trucks for the job.

Look for companies who have bigger or heavier duty tow trucks. Tow trucks are made strong enough to easily tow vehicles but there are some that can outlast others. These are the ones that are ideal for long-distance towing because they are less likely to stall in the middle of a long-distance tow.

If a low-quality tow truck is used and gets stalled on the road, then you can expect delays. Another tow truck needs to be driven to wherever the other tow truck has stopped. Then they’d also need to transfer the car into the other tow truck. This can be such a nightmare for the car owner.

The Towing Method

Aside from the quality of tow trucks, you should also select towing companies who are able to tow your car without touching the road. Flatbed tow trucks are usually used with this kind of towing method. When the cars are lifted off the ground while being towed, they’ll be in a better condition than when they are just pulled with their wheels touching the road. Some tow trucks can even provide enclosures so the cars to be transported remain covered throughout the trip.

Insurance Cover And Other Additional Payment

Due to the long distance that needs to be traveled, there is also a great risk for damages. You should be able to discuss with the towing company as to who takes responsibility for the damages. Some may ask for an extra cost to have the cars covered by insurance in case anything happens to them.

Additionally, there may also be additional payment required by some states if a car is towed through them. You should clear out with your service provider as to who pays for such fees. Clearing this out beforehand prevents you from being shocked with other additional fees that they’d bill you when the job is done.

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